Monday, August 15, 2011

The Death of Glee?

Box office reports that the Glee moive is a flop.

Now that other people pointed it out I noticed that the lip syncing did not match up. I thought it was just bad syncing on the theater's part. I remember seeing a badly synched Austin Powers movie in the theater.

I remember a few months ago there was a contest on facebook to make video describing how Glee changed your life. I liked the prompt and saved it as a source for a writing prompt. I had no intention of making video. Mostly because I have no video equipment.

Glee reminds of Mighty Morpin Power Rangers in so many ways.

Actors in their 20s playing teenagers
Concert/live tour
Was a really big deal at the height of it's respective popularity
On Fox (in the US)
Had a movie the non-fans would probably not watch unless they were parents or something
Contract disputes/characters leaving

There are probably even more things, but those were all I could think of. *shrugs*

I haven't bought much Glee merchandise. I have zero Glee songs on my MP3 player. I don't have any sound tracks or DVDs. Not even when the enticing sale price of $7 did not make me want to buy the "Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album". The reason I don't have any Glee songs is because a large portion of them are covers.

I went to the store in the back to school section, and there were Glee notebooks with season 1 pictures of the characters on them and they were $2.50! Maybe I'll wait until the back to school items go on sale and pick up one of they are left. I can buy whole bunch of inexpensive plain composition and notebooks and print out my favorite Glee pictures off the internet.

I think as a whole my dad and I spent about $21 on Glee merchandise. I got a calender for my birthday, a $1 Rachel dairy and the $10 movie.

The second season was really lacking it got all "Mary Sue" on me. Even worse than Winx Club and, Bloom is very much a Mary Sue. First I thought it was just me but other fans have been complaining about season 2 as well.

It really irks me that people are comparing The Monkees tv show to Glee. That is like comparing apes to birds. The only similarity I can see is that each show was used as a vehicle to sell albums/singles. S Club was more like The Monkees.

How long did Popular run? Two years?

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