Monday, August 8, 2011

Whopper of a Deal

I had a great idea for a job agency one that specializes in getting jobs for ugly people. It should have a cute name too.

I'm thinking about moving to China because that's where the money is.

I had to go to school to take care of some stuff.

I think the school is banking on a lot of people putting the cart before the horse, and applying for classes before they can pay for them. I took bad advice and did that before, and I'm not doing it again.

I was going to ask the person at the booth a question, but he was obliviously a lackey student. He was just flirting with some girls! Good job!

I went out to get the 88¢ Whoppers. I was near a Burger King anyway.

I ended up giving a rather complicated order. My usual Whopper fixins: a standard Whopper with no katstup or onions. I'd also say no tomatoes or pickles, but I'll just remove them and eat them separately. No need to further complicate the order.

I ordered another in case my dad didn't feel like going out to get some for dinner. I'm not weird like him. He can't eat the same for for 2 meals in one day or have the same food the next day either. Except breakfast foods. The other one I ordered only had lettuce and pickles in it. I didn't want to put any mayo in it in case it spoiled in my backpack on the bus ride home.

Saw a kid with a rat tail there are those back in style?

I'm so cheap I brought my own drink from home to the Burger King. :P

Later when my dad went to get the Whoppers for dinner he was mad because the Burger king he went to was crowded. He hates going to free or cheap food promotions. They always piss him off.

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