Saturday, April 17, 2010

Do you Know About Madden?

This blog is not about John, Steve or even Joel and Benji.

Ok now I might not be the best sales person, or sold anything professionally. But this company Career Advisor is annoying as hell! First they called when I was gone I can't really control that; anyway so I call back. First of all my dad is angry, and yelling at me because he wants to know how they got my number. After he stops yelling, and I can focus on calling them I ask what this is and how did they did get my number. According to them they found it off a website. Most likely *shifty eyes* Too bad. I need to get a job and earn some money.

They are extremely amateurish I mean after I refuse them the first time they call back again 3 hours later! 3 fucking hours! I admire their diligence. But 3 hours!?

I am/was just a lead and nothing else. Learn about the MADDEN test people!

Later I find out the phone number they called was not registered to the Do Not Call List. I could have sworn that I registered for that right after I moved and had a working Internet connection.

Who knew looking for a job could be so hard? Not the rejection or the footwork.

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