Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some Points I forgot

Aside from my classmates absence. I got back the stories I turned in for class. Which is great they needed some corrections. The only problem is that I can't understand the correction marks she used. They are not the traditional ones. All through high school and in the grammar and punctuation telecourses I watch on tv they always say about people misusing commas. I'm so afraid of misusing them I don't really use them at all. unless I'm using a conjunction, exclamation or listing something. I'm so afraid of making comma splices.

How funny was Glee?! I loved the part when Sue said to send a bunch of students she didn't like to New York with $35 in their pocket. No, I like Shirley let's send some people off to Madison. (Please don't be offend Garbage fans or people from Madison). I also liked the part when Sue told this story about damaging her hair by trying to dye it blond with a concoction of chemicals. It reminded me of a story somebody told me about some punk poser kids in high school. I forget where I heard the story from. If it was from them or somebody else. They wanted "punk" hair, so they dyed their hair with laundry bleach!? They were known for doing crazy things. One of them even had the word "crazy" in their nickname. Or maybe that nickname was used behind their back? Sue 29?! LOL! XD I still think the show could have used "Beautiful Stranger" it would have been appropriate for that episode.

I hurt one of my fingers during class and I can't type very well again. I hope it heals soon.

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