Sunday, April 11, 2010

This Entry is fill of Artificial Sweetener

Today is a very historic day in the No Doubt world today is the 10th anniversary of the release of No Doubt's 4th album “Return of Saturn”.

This album and I have a lot of history together. I was going to write a cute little story about it, but I didn't have time. (I'm still caught up on that volleyball game from neopets.) Maybe I'll post that story in a few days. Uh...let me just say that to date this is the only No Doubt album I purchased at midnight. But that goes along with the story. ^-^ Like I've said before I kept writing about them for 10th grade English class and drove my teacher crazy. True story!

Or the time I tired to purchase No Doubt tickets and ran into some Smashing Pumpkins fans and a misguided Lakers fan.

Speaking of neopets and "Return of Saturn" I use to run a "Return of Saturn" themed gallery on there for a few years until I realized nobody really got the theme of it, so I changed it.

Too bad I don't have pink hair now. Maybe I'll use some of that colored hairspray I have lying around. LOL! :P Maybe not.
Just to specify in my last blog "my ass" was referring to the really hard score neopets set the game at. This is not an "ass blog". Wait...that came out wrong. Or maybe it can be in Ass Möde like Ferguson says.

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