Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blue in the Class

My nails a lovely blue color today.

After I thought about my days as a student being numbered I know the two things I need, but don't have are time and money. Maybe I can buy some time, I'll get in line for it.

Maybe I'm ready to do the George Costanza thing. I am unemployed and live with my parents.

I'm starting to have my doubts about that popular guy in class. I feel like Jeff in that episode of Community where he takes that pottery class. His popularity just seems to be growing.

It was funny because a bunch of people in the class were wearing blue. Well I was too sort of, and I had blue jeans on too. I think almost all my jeans are some shade of blue. I haven't worn colored denim in years.

I like "Bulletproof" it's a good song so is "In For the Kill".

My MP3 player died today :'( Good thing I still have my Zen player. Which is filled to capacity. Well at least it lasted a year. I won't be able to find one like the one I had. Well not in my price range anyway. Good thing I didn't lose much. Just a few files I had saved in there that weren't really important.

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