Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wolverine has Adamantium Claws

Silly title huh?

Malcom McLaren died today. I heard about it during the lunch programs I listen to on the radio. At first I didn't know who he was until I read on the BBC News site that he made the song "Double Dutch". Which is funny since I've been thinking about that song since some of my younger cousins are into jump roping now.

Nothing much interesting happened. Well except that when I was trying to do my writing exercise my mom misread the word “logon” as Logan, and I started writing about Wolverine from the X-Men.

I wrote this :“I’m thinking about Wolverine from the X-Men. With his adamantium claws and super smell, and that he’s from Canada. Yellow and Blue. He had such interesting hair, and sideburns. His name is Logan. My mom misread the word “logon” as Logan. That’s how I got that thought. :P”

The Wolverine paragraph was too inane to share with my class, so I posted it here. Think of it as a bonus. ;)

I want to talk about my dad’s poor study skills. Seriously where did he learn them from? Ok I know I’m not very smart, and have spent a lot of time in school, so maybe I’m more familiar with study skills and things like that. Who does math in pen?! That is one of the biggest mistakes somebody can do when they are learning math. I’ve had many math teachers over the years insist, no demand the students do math in pencil. The other thing that mystifies me is that my dad is supposedly good with numbers, but he has trouble with the math he is learning?

I hardly ever do my work in pen. I only write like social science notes and prompts in pen. I know a lot of people like to take notes in different color pens to emphasize what they are suppose to learn and stuff like that. I don’t do that. Usually I write in different colored pen because I’m in the mood to, or that color pen is the first one I pull out of my bag of pens and it writes. Sometimes I am picky about the color pen I’m using like when I have a writing notebook with prompts in it. I like to use different colored pens to distinguish from the different prompts.

He said he's going to try and use flash cards too. Those things never worked for me except for when I was learning a foreign language.

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