Monday, April 12, 2010

Just Test Me

I'm such a loser and frustrated with neopets again! So I'm taking a break. I'll possibly come back in October or December. Definitely December though I gotta get my advent prizes. Ok yeah throw those volleyball skills in my face! I never manged to break 235. Too bad. The other game I had to play I'm actually good at. Whoever said the volleyball game is like the lab game is wrong. I'm good at that game too. That is cynical talk. Oh well. It wasn't like all my pets could wear the clothes anyway. My baby pet can't.

PS: to anybody reading this my account isn't "up for grabs".

I hope I don't end up making a negg pattern on the scantron for the test I'm taking later on today. That would be funny and sad.

The weather is throwing me off it feels like winter.

I have sort of a good problem. Well this time I wrote 2-3 stories, and I can't decide which one to submit.

I had to make sure I ate a good breakfast. Nothing too fatty, but I need my protein. I need light protein and nothing fatty like bacon. Like; eggs, chicken or fish. This site says to make cheese omelets. I don't like to make those a lot. They are a bitch to clean up. The cheese in mine seem to ooze out before it's cooked. There ends up being more cheese in the pan than in the omelet.

A bunch of funny test related things happened today. Ok so first off my dad wanted to help me study in the morning for the test; like I'd study with him. ROFL!!!! XD

Anyway at school before we were going to take there was all this loud laughing and whooping. But really what does the teacher expect? It's a community college. As for the test itself it wasn't too hard. I guess... It seemed a little harder than the last one.

The funny thing is when I get home is that my dad asks me if I was sure of all my test answers. Whenever I take a test I'm never sure of all my answers. There is always room for error.

What about Conan he got a deal good for him! Too bad I can't watch it! >.< BEING POOR SUCKS !!!!!111111ONEELEVEN!!!

That is all. Oops I've been reading too many old studio diaries again.

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