Thursday, April 15, 2010

Who is Reading This?

Welcome and hello!

Ok so I might be taking on new readers because in class I mentioned I wrote a blog about sexy Halloween costumes. First off if you think or know I wrote something bad about you I'd like to apologize right now.

Speaking of costumes my rainbow socks are on their last legs. I did get them when I first started college. LOL! How long has that been? It doesn't matter I can't go looking for socks now; not thick novelty socks anyway. It's spring and all the stores are selling things like sandals, sunhats, and bikinis. I'll have to wait until August or at least September. Anyway I thought the socks aren't completely unusable. I can cut off the fraying part and use them for a Tickled Pink costume. They look more like Tickled Pink's colors than Rainbow Brite's colors ,and I'm talking about the vintage characters. No slut costume either. I'm not going to worry about putting together a Tickled Pink costume right now anyway. I still haven't finished the nun costume I was working on.
Here is a cute non slutty Tickled Pink costume I like the shoe covers and the use of a pinafore.
Here is a slutty plus size Starburst Girl costume. Why does the plus size version not come with the gloves/arm warmers? Is it to prevent "sausage arms"? :/

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