Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Still Counting the Days

Still feel the same about my days being numbered. Maybe I should write down how many I have left. Have a count down on the blog or something. I guess I can just sit it out, and live. Stupid requirements now some of the classes I take don't count anymore and I took that one at CUSF! Blimey! To quote Liz Lemon. Why do I have to take a speech class anyway? Well after all those years I still haven't taken Poly Sci.

I feel like I have a permanent brain fart. I just can't come up with new ideas and stuff. Especially ones that will earn me money in a honest way.

I feel like drawing something. I don't know what. Maybe I should try to sell my drawings?

You know the roller rink has gone the way of the drive in theater. Speaking of things featured in Glee. I forgot that the power of Madonna was at my high school too. She was in a 20th century mural in the hall of my high school in the 80s section. For some reason people liked to graffiti her crotch and boobs. She was painted well. A lot of the things were inaccurate, or didn't look like who they were suppose to be Nixon was portrayed without his jowls. How can there be a 1970s Nixon without jowls?

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