Monday, April 5, 2010

Profit from Pain

It’s strange when it rains in April even if it is an El Nino year. It just throws me off. I feel like it’s December or January or something. The weather reminded me a little of when I went to the Ferguson taping. Then it made me think about writing that story for class. But I really want to write a No Doubt story since I haven’t written one yet. I don’t want it to be like 10th grade again where we had this class project to write a book about your life. The project was inspired by the book The House on Mango Street. I wrote a bunch of No Doubt stories, and my teacher got sick of reading them. It’s not like I was going to write about my siblings. You know I’ll be in my memoir class with all these Shirley stories and everybody’ll groan when I read another one. I'll try to limit it to just one Shirley story. The funny thing is that it is recommended that a person writes about their obsessions. I should really focus on 4th, 5th and 7th grade since those are periods I told myself I was going to write about. I mentioned 4th grade before. I guess I can keep writing memoirs after the class is over. Nobody says I have to stop. Plus my blogs the old myspace one and this one are chock full of memoir stories like the one I wrote about the roller rink.

Maybe I should write that story about writing about No Doubt too much for my memoir class. That'd be a fun read. Maybe I should nab something from this blog.

I had to listen to my rainy music. "Only Happy When it Rains". I wore my leather boot too. What do you know? I was hoping to see a rainbow, but I didn't. :(

I'm really getting this memoir I'm reading for class. It's the other assigned reading book. It's pretty dark. This is not the Mister Ed book I'm talking about. I'm reading 2 books at the same time. I really like that darker memoir better than that last one we had to read.

Which gave me the idea I should profit off the relationship with my dad. You know like writing a book, or making a movie, or a comedy album.

I accidentally hit some girl with my backpack today. I was weird she was just walking behind me at the bus stop. I swung it because I thought nobody was behind me. There was a lot of room for her to walk. The bus stop wasn't crowded at the time.

Cut another finger today by accident. The middle finger this time. So sorry if my typing is even worse. Both times I cut my finger while chopping meat. Maybe I should lay off the meat.

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