Wednesday, April 14, 2010


While I was waiting for the bus that was late and there for a while. I saw a man wearing pink ladies slippers, and they were slippers and not shoes. There was some money that was there at the stop; a little over 35¢. I didn't notice it and I could kick myself for that!

Anyway I was amazed I got to class on time, or almost on time. The bus was about 40 minutes behind schedule.

We were talking about giving handshakes, and people who give really strong ones. This is not the name dropping portion of the blog or anything, but John Cena has a really strong handshake. Other people have noted this. Maybe it's because he's strong?

I did well on my test I thought I was going to get -11, but I only missed 5.

I manged to cut down that 7 page single spaced story down to 5 pages. I cut some stuff, merged paragraphs, and played around with the font. It's still single spaced though.

Oh yeah and I've had "Vogue" stuck in my head all day. IDK the parody Glee video was funny, but it wasn't hilarious. Maybe they'll sing "Beautiful Stranger" or "Material Girl" for the next episode. I like the Chipettes version of "Material Girl" from the 80s cartoon series.

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