Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Earthquake!

I forgot it was Easter today. Bad me! I don't know I guess it's sort of lost it's whimsical child-like magic. I'm still holding out for that $120 Hello Kitty basket from the Sanrio store. Maybe one year I'll buy one for myself.

I love these Easter themed tweets that Weird Al Yankovic and Conan O'Brien tweeted.

"FYI... a Peeps burrito is not as good as it sounds."-

"I just celebrated the end of Lent by eating 22 sleeves of Peeps. My religion rocks!"- Conan O'Brien

The funny thing is that I haven't eaten Peeps all day. The small box of pink ones are tempting me, but I like my Peeps "aged". I don't have them fight either.

What about that earthquake!? The funny thing is that my mom felt it before I did. I was leaning over on my bed reaching for something. It was long, fluid/wavy, and weak. Well in my area at least. The My Little Ponies I have up that fell during the last quake didn't even topple. The funny thing is I didn't immediately flee like I usually do.

I cut my finger chopping shrimp, so please excuse my bad typing.

I just want to say a quick thing about writing. I don't know why,but I seem to find inspiration for my stories everywhere. It's strange, but in a good way.

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