Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Anniversary I’m Climbing Scaffolding!

Ok so I was going to write this anniversary, but there were a lot of problems. First of all my internet connection is acting really strange. So don't be alarmed if I go missing. Oh yeah I decided not to blog about what happened in class today even if there is a funny antidote that goes with it. I'll post it tomorrow or possibly in the leftovers blog.

I never finished the blog. A lot of stuff came up. This is how much of it I wrote. It's a really long story.

"Today is the 10 year anniversary of me going to my first No Doubt concert!

This is one of my 'retired stories'. I tell it too much.

It was a strange trip. It all started the week before when I was listening to the KROQ Music News. Do they still play those segments anymore? Anyway they said that if you bought a copy of 'Return of Saturn' at the Costa Mesa Virgin Megastore you could see a free No Doubt show. I reveled at the thought of this. I had been so desperate to see No Doubt for all those years.

At first I was trying to plot alone, but the excitement overcame me and I blabbed about it to my mom."

Well anyway here's the gist of it. So I convince my parents to let me go to the midnight CD release with my dad. I could go on one condition I had to keep up with school and not be grouchy due to lack of sleep. We waited like all night. We got home at like 3AM. I was suppose to be doing "important" things at school like being worried about standardized testing, and assignments and other boring stuff like that. I was being a "bad" student not caring about school. I usually care about too much anyway. It was nice to be bad and have a break. Anyway I studied really hard. I mean the "Return of Saturn" CD. I had like 2 days to learn it. One thing did happen. I found my new favorite No Doubt song; "Staring Problem".

Ok so on the night of the show I'm scared because I didn't know how I would react to seeing No Doubt in person. I thought I was either going to cry or throw up. Luckily neither of those happened. I was just really excited. I didn't really know what to wear so I wore one of my No Doubt shirts. I also wore my platform Skechers hoping I could get a better view of the band. The one thing that disappointed me was that Gwen looked shorter in person. Other than that it was a great show! They even played my favorite No Doubt song! "Staring Problem". Well I thought I requested it, but maybe they had a set list... Towards the end of the show Gwen climbed the scaffolding and was singing while holding onto it. Whenever I see Gwen climb scaffolding it makes me think about that show and makes me nostalgic. And of course I used that story as material for that story writing project I did in 10th grade.

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