Thursday, April 22, 2010

Read this for Daisy

I was racking my brain trying to think of cool/cute/clever title. This is not a name dropping entry although it might seem or look like one. Ok in case somebody from class happens to stumble on this uh...welcome.

I want to recommend the book The Los Angeles Diaries. It's a good book. I enjoyed it. I think if you like dark things you'll like this book. It's a good book to read while listening to Garbage music. Or even the song "In The Snow". Which made me think I wonder if Shirley has read this book?

It was an interesting experience. Never really had a Q&A session with an author. I had a few questions about the book. A lot of people in the class really wanted their questions answered. As for me it's not that I was unprepared; I was just shy. A lot of people were asking the questions I wanted to ask anyway. I just wanted to take everything in, and take some notes. This sort of reminded me of when I went to this career in the arts convention back when I was a senior in high school. Actually that is a really funny story, but I'm not going to tell that today. I was writing about; what he was saying, how I was reacting to what he was saying, and other random thoughts I had. I ended up taking like a half a page of notes. Not many people in the class were taking notes though it wasn't an assignment or anything. Plus I thought taking notes on this would be good blog material.

Ok here is some insider stuff I got from him. The company publishing his book and that was going to publish his 2nd memoir book is closing down. Does this mean his older books are rare? Just wondering...

At the end of class a few people wanted to get their books signed. It was a short line of about 5 people, and I was the last one. It didn't take that long.

I had to admit to him that initially I thought his book was a book about football. I thought the book was written by this guy. The author told me he gets that a lot, and also people who think his book is about singing. But I knew his book wasn't about James Brown the singer because is dead. Maybe he gets confused with them. Well they don't look the same. Plus James Brown is a very common name.

A few people were going to his engagement that was for the whole school a little bit later after class. It was too late for me, and plus I didn't give any notice. I was already a little late from getting the book signed. Not too late only like 15-20 minutes.

I think he wrote "My best to you!". I'm not sure I really can't make it out. He writes kind of illegible/scribbly. I was trying to decipher the message in the bus.

I was thinking about writing an Earth Day blog about the environmental fair my high school threw in 1999. That's a funny story too. If you really want to read an Earth Day related blog you can read the one I wrote last year about Reel Big Fish. Oh yeah and I heard some Dramarama today. "Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday to whoever's being born."

Guess what!? Career Advisor is calling my cell phone now! Well it's not as bad as calling my home phone number. My cell has caller ID. I just see the number and ignore it.

Speaking of Shirley did you read the poem she posted on facebook? Is that about her?

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