Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Ground is Shakin' Under me! Shake Shake

Funny, I used a No Doubt lyric to title this blog.

I was in the zone and ended up writing a story for like 2 hours. The problem is that I get so wrapped up in my writing I sometimes forget what time it is.

I had to go to bed after I caught up on my reading for class. It wasn't that much to read anyway only a few pages. I was really tired and needed to go to sleep. I still hadn't adjusted to the time change. I was having this strange dream about somebody pulling a prank with meat by hiding it somewhere. Then I felt it. The funny thing was that I felt it at my feet first I want to say in a northerly direction, but I have no sense of direction. ;) :P it brought back memories of Northridge '94. Especially since it occurred at about 4AM. It wasn't as violent or long, but you know me once I feel shaking I immediately run outside or try to. I usually stop if the earthquake subsides mid flee. I figured since I'm the scared paranoid one nobody else in the house felt it. The funny thing was none of the tv channels were covering the quake, so I calmed my nerves by watching CLYDE instead. I don't really like that show, but watching tv usually calms me. Then it was covered by the local news about 15-20 minutes later. They said it was centered in Pico Rivera which would have been south to where I was sleeping. Well that's what my dad said. I'm not sure. I wondered if it was a blind thrust fault like the Whittier Narrows one was. Sorry if there are too many geological terms in this part.

You know I could really relate Gossip Girl yesterday. Especially the part when Serena realizes that her dad doesn't want her, so she stops looking for him.

Speaking of dads something ironic happened to mine at the Laker event. The 2 sports stars he wanted to meet he didn't get to. Why didn't he think of going early? Even I know that and I'm pretty stupid. But we'll just leave delusional super jock dad to his own devices.

Since the earthquake stole some sleep from me. I woke up late again. Well I figured I wouldn't be adjusted anyway earthquake or no earthquake. Which meant I had no time for a fun hairstyle. I was palnning on wearing either Shirley braids or odangos.

Later at school I gave somebody in class some extra Sanrio stuff I had. It was all duplicates. I'm trying to purge my collection. Sometimes it just feels so good to purge (belongings). I'm not talking about food here. I don't do that kind of stuff. If you saw me you wouldn't think I have an eating disorder. Ok possibly overeating, but I've never purged food. Anyway I gave them to that cat lady I mentioned before. I like her. During the previous class session we where talking about Hello Kitty and the Sanrio stores in general. Anyway today I give her some of my duplicate things. Then she kept telling a bunch of people in the class that I gave her stuff. It wasn't much just some pencils and a notebook. She talks a lot especially during class. The funny thing is that she wanted to know why I was reading this book. She said she didn't like it. Actually the only reason I'm reading it is because it's assigned reading. It gives me something to read on the bus. I can put a dent in the book on the bus.

The funny thing is that I heard "Everything to Everyone" by Everclear again today. Speaking of music I heard about Dave Grohl and the caffeine intake.

You know that earthquake was unlucky there were a lot of 4's in it. The magnitude was 4.4 and it occurred at 4:04 AM.

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