Monday, March 22, 2010

Black Paper Parasol

Something historical happened yesterday, but I'm not going to talk about that. Instead let's get to some inane fluff, and some rants about my dad.

So I have to read this book for class, and since it's a newer book I could cheat by finding come notes or something. You know like cliff notes. There was nothing not even some cheat notes for a book club. NOTHING! My mom said since I was looking for these notes I was acting like George Costanza. Too bad there is not a movie based off the book. Well there is one; it's just not out yet. the middle of the book moves so slowly!

I had a funny thought about wanting to be a published writer. I mean if you want it so badly. You know like going to seminars and such like the delusional wannabe millionaire would. Well except the wannabe millionaire would want to go to seminars about getting rich quick and stuff like that. Anyway back to getting your writing published. I still think of that as a loosely used term. So would it count if your letter to the editor got published in some sort of periodical? What if you ended up like Lucy in that I Love Lucy episode where she writes a novel called: "Lucy Writes a Novel". Anyway in that episode her novel does get published in a book about now how not to write a novel. I wonder if that would happen to me?

I really hope that Mister Ed book I bought isn't as bad. I hope I like it because I like the Mister Ed series. It's interesting the way actors have to interact with real animals. Not puppets, robots, or people in animal costumes. You know what would be neat if somebody from the main cast of "Friends" the 6 of them wrote a memoir about working on the show especially when they had to work with Marcel. I heard the monkey use to eat worms.

What can I say about my dad? You know if he is so interested in sports (I did refer to him as a "delusional super jock dad") I think he picked the wrong career a long time ago. I think he would have made a great sports journalist or something like that. I mean his idea of "studying" for his pharmacy classes is reading about sports. Well at least he didn't take the career my grandma suggested to him back when he graduated college; a P.E. teacher! X0X *anime fall* He'd be a horrible teacher. He does not have the temperament for that type of job.

I'm still working on my career du jour plan. First I need to get a 4 year degree. It doesn't need to be any specific field. It can be for anything. All that matters is that I have a bachelors. Pretty much anybody gets hired with a bachelors.

Here is my plan:
1. Get a bachelors
2. Get the career du jour
3. ??????
4. Profit
Ok, I got my business plan from the Underpants Gnomes.

In my sales class we were talking about incentives, and it made me think about the newest episode of The Office I've seen ("New Leads").

I saw something funny as I was leaving school and walking to the bus stop. I see this black paper parasol in a patch of grass. As I'm walking past I see this goth looking girl (I know it's bad to label) sitting/kneeling in the grass holding the black paper parasol in one hand, and picking flowers in the other. It was just a strange sight.

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