Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm Going to Sleep my Life Away

"I'm gonna sleep all trough the day, I'm gonna sleep my life away". I wish I could really do that. I hate when my dad spends a whole afternoon studying and needs "quiet time". Which usually leads to long naps and eating meals over the sink. He hogs up the whole dining room table for his "studies". Why did he even bother spending all weekend studying and doing his homework if he was going to ditch class anyway? That really makes no sense!

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that after my dad won the contest he was exhibiting strange clingy behavior. He kept trying to call me at school one day and was wasting my prepaid minutes. It wasn’t even for anything important!

Aside from my dad's study skills I'm still thinking of a hair style for St. Patrick's Day. I think I will reuse some of my old Christmas hair decorations. They are green and can be useful. I really liked that hair decoration Meredith was wearing in her hair in the most recent episode of The Office. I want something like that for my hair. Isn’t the Meredith character Irish? Too bad I don't have a Conan shirt to wear.

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