Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Today was a funny/strange day. Some of this is bordering on "rant blog" material.

My dad got a legit email that he won a prize in a Lakers contest. The problem is that it conflicts with his schooling. Let's say he's struggling. What do you think he chose? I guess it runs in the family. No worries I can just use it against him.

Perhaps something bad could go down who knows. Let's just say I can sense or feel something "bad".

I came up with a new idea for a toothbrush today while I was brushing my teeth and listening to "Driving Lesson". I wish there was a toothbrush like Toothtunes, but it was customizable. I would buy that.

I really didn't want to style my hair since it was so windy. I mean it was just going to get messed up anyway. I wore it down since hair worn down can look "messy" even when it's not suppose to be. When it's windy you can wear your hair down and "messy" and not feel guilty about it. Sometimes windblown hair is good like if you are in like a photo shoot or something. Actually my hair blowing in the wind made me think about anime. You know how a lot of characters are shown standing with their hair blowing in the wind.

When I walked into the bathroom to apply some gloss (I really gotta lay off this stuff) and I saw this sign. Not sure what it means. Does this mean there is a bad omen in the bathroom? Maybe Damien is in there. I could have gone in a whole different direction with this.

While I'm lost in thought trying to write one of my stories in my head. I just need inspiration or something. I was listening to music, and thinking about how to format my story. Then an alarm goes off it was really loud, but I was still trying to concentrate on the music I was listening to for story ideas. The funny thing is that since it's college. I'm using that term loosely here; nobody really knows what to do. You know like in earlier grades said classes would be evacuated out of the buildings and such if it was only a drill. Of course if there was an emergency people would be running away in an disorderly fashion. The funny thing was that the alarm went off at a time between classes. Everybody is asking everybody else what to do. It was sort of funny. It seemed like something that could happen in a show like Community or some show like that. All we needed was Britta, Pierce, Jeff, Annie and the others. I was confused too, but I didn't show it. I just looked sort of spacey since I was still trying to think of something for my story. I was also people watching from the 3rd floor that I was on. I didn't know if class was canceled or what. It was kinda windy,and I kinda wanted to go home. The funny thing was that right when my teacher arrived the alarm stopped.

The only other time there has been an alarm going off while I was in college was back when I attended CSUF. I was trying to nap in the student union. I think it was on or near finals week. I was falling asleep watching a show about some kids who were doing a senior prank to their school on MTV. Luckily I was there because the evacuation was semi-organized. I was upset I didn't get a nap in before class. Later I read in the school newspaper that it was just a drill and there was no danger.

I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with those annoying people in class. I moved away from somebody because I knew they were annoying. I guess I have to change up my seating a bit. Or let them take a seat before I do. I'd like some advice on how to deal with them. Please don't say "keep ignoring them" that won't work and it will make me look even snobbier than I look now.

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