Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cut The Glut!

My readers and who ever else has stumbled across this blog knows I can be overly verbose at times and write long drawn out blogs. Like something Fraiser Crane would write.

I think I noticed this about some of the people in my memoir class; not all of them. A lot of them want to be published writers. It seems that is all they are focused on. I don't know I guess it's just my age or something. I feel now with the internet anybody can pretty much publish anything anywhere. I mean if you are looking for a specific story genre or subject you are likely to find it. To be honest if I never got paid for my writing I wouldn't be upset. I like to write to uh..."get the stress out", or something like that. Especially with my dad always around.

I almost got put in a group with a the girl who has the same first name as me. Did I mention that before? The worst thing is that we have last names that start with the same letter too. It can be quite confusing. It made me think about the 2 Kellys in The Office. Well later one of them became known as Erin. That is not awesome. Maybe I'll incessantly talk about celebrities and use the word "awesome" a lot in a true Kelly fashion. Maybe I should just go by my middle name like Kelly "Erin" Hannon did.

Here is a little antidote from class. If anybody from class happens to read this :0 I didn't have a problem with any of you. Anyway we had to some peer editing. I thought my story was "bad" since it was not very long, and I felt was not very descriptive. But it wasn't as "bad" as I thought it was. We ended up reading another story that didn't belong to anybody in the group the funny thing was that the journalists said to get to the point and don't really use overly descriptive language. I'd better trim the fat from some of my stories.

I found a mistake in 30 Rock today. In the episode "Don Geiss, America and Hope" they said Legoland is in LA. It's really in San Diego. They should have mentioned In N Out instead if they had the rights to and such.

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