Friday, March 19, 2010

Shakes and Formats

Let's see I'm writing another "Leftovers" blog. I'm feeling creative and a little perky. It's cause I'm watching Sailor Moon. Wacthing Sailor Moon makes me feel perky and nostalgic all at the same time.

I forgot to mention that I didn’t really study for the test. I spent 3 hours playing neopets. It would have been 4 if there was not a time change.

I’m happy that I finally finished a few more stories even if they are only about a page long.

When I hear people say “Jeggin” (which is a combination of a jean and leggin) it makes me think of Daisuke Jigen who is my favorite character from Lupin the 3rd by the way. If there was a live action Lupin the 3rd movie I’d want John Cena to play Zenigata. They both have square heads. But you don’t really notice Zenigata’s square head since he is usually wearing a hat. Here is a picture of Zenigata for reference.

That girl I saw with the her bag was very “kawaii” I know I don’t use that word much, but I wasn’t really sure how to describe it. It made me think of my mom who likes pigs.

In my writing class we were talking about fake memoirs somebody mentioned A Million Little pieces. The lady I was sitting next was telling me she remembered when A Million Little Pieces as called a fraud. I thought about Towelie It also made me think of JT Leory and Sarah, but I couldn’t remember the name of the book. I really wanted to chime in and say “The book the song ‘Cherry Lips’ was based off of.” Nobody in class would “get” that.

I saw this guy rolling around in the grass at first I thought he fell. You know like a rolling fall. (I do those all the time.) As I walked by him I noticed that he was still rolling around on the ground like he was exercising or something. I see some people off to my right pointing and laughing at the guy. I passed by this guy before class. After I leave class that guy is still there! He's still rolling around on the ground or whatever he was doing. My class is over 90 minutes long!

You know what is funny my teacher said to sell inexpensive things at a high volume than a few expensive items. Martha Stewart says the opposite. Just remember just don’t make fun of the Dutch, ok?

I came up with more fusion cuisine. Corned Beef stir fry. Ok ok it was sort of my mom’s idea. But it was still good none the less.

You know who I forgot to mention in my St. Patrick’s Day blog; Uncle O’Grimacey. He was used in Shamrock Shake promotions in the 80s? I found this commercial with him in it.

I also forgot about the character Glomer from the Punky Brewster cartoons. Wasn't he suppose to be like part leprechaun or something. Punky did find him at the end of a rainbow?

OMG!! there is this one lady in class who acts like she's the teacher even though she is not. Ok we get it you are a former teacher, but THIS IS NOT YOUR CLASS!!!!1111oneeleven!!!! I mean she wanted to argue about how the papers were formatted. Who are you to say how it needs to be formatted? Isn’t that at the teacher’s discretion? She said she brought copies in 2 different formats. Really? @.@ :/ There are too many people who want to take over in there. It's getting a little cut throat/hostile. It's bringing back memories of my Art II class my junior year. All we need are some punk posers and somebody quoting a bunch of song lyrics and watching skateboarding footage. It would be like old times again.

My dad was mad because he's not able to enter a CBS contest for 60 days. You know after he won that chance to eat wings and meet Worthy. I wonder if that means the whole household? You know like if I want to enter a KROQ contest or something like that?

Entered the Conan O'Brien contest. I hope I'm eligible, and if I am that I win. ^-^

I realized that some of my stories were way too fatty, so I cut them down one story was so fatty I was able to cut it into 2 stories.

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