Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tell Me Clearly, Write It Down Here

The title is taken from an episode of True Tears.

You know there was something funny that happened in class yesterday. The class got into an argument/debate about if Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz are real doctors.

Ok so the artsy thing I had to make for my writing class. It was a name tag/name plate. I really don't know how to describe it you know like those things they would put on your desk like back in 2nd grade. To be honest I think I went a little overboard in making it. Sometimes my crafty side gets the best of me. It's the repressed art student inside me. I stayed up until like 2 in morning working on it. I got like 5 hours of sleep. Also when I tried to fit in my backpack it was too wide. I made it a triangular prism shape like a Toblerone box. It was my inspiration. :P

For some reason I had "Metal Heart" stuck in my head all morning. I'm not sure why though.

I tried a new hairstyle today and it looked pretty funny/ugly. It needs work. I was almost late to school working on it.

When I took out my name tag I looked at it and I'm still not satisfied with it. I think I'll work on it some more. I decorated it on both sides so I have something pleasing to look at during class if I get bored or something or if I need some inspiration. Compared to the ones the other students. I think mine was over the top. Well at least it's readable. No pictures of it though, sorry.

The funny thing is that the teacher said a lot of people are lurking on the class message board, but only 11 people have posted. I still don't feel open enough to post. I'll still need to be coaxed into it; like a little animal that is lured out of a hiding place with food. Maybe if I'm one of the last people who doesn't post then maybe I will. No guarantees though. I have to say one thing about the board though. People post a lot of funny things even if they are not meant to be funny.

I worked on my name tag/ name plate tonight. Now I'm satisfied with it. Although I might have over decorated it. :/

Oh and I forgot to wish Jimmy Fallon a happy 1 year anniversary. (cynical comment removed)

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