Friday, March 26, 2010

All the wannabees, Hoping to be Published

Hello everybody! Yeah...uh sorry for the lack of blog yesterday. I was just feeling really depleted. Like my title? It's inspired by a song lyric. :P

For some reason I was really thinking about my hair. I was having a hard time trying to style it. First I made styled it in a high half up ponytail, but it couldn't stay up well. It was so lopsided. I was embarrassed to leave the house with my hair looking like that. As I was wearing my hair down I noticed it looked very 90s. (late 90s). Then I got the idea to wear my hair in a late 90s style by wearing some clips in my hair in the front. My hair was behaving, looked great, and very 90s. I was also dressed very 90s. I miss the 90s, but don't tell that to Rodney. Alright?

I had this funny thought before class. You can't keep a group of artists together in a room. :P

I'm not really working on writing blogs. I find myself writing reminder notes? Not sure why. Maybe it comes with old age.

Here is something funny. I keep writing about songs in class. I don't know why. Maybe I'm just too into music or something.

That hostile lady who acts like it is her class. I don't know what her deal is is she trying to look smart/impress the class by saying she is well read? To me she is just coming off as a controlling pompous bitch. She talked about her friend who was almost published. Almost published doesn't mean published. Is she trying to impress us or something? I'm not sure what she is trying to say by that. :/

We had this assignment in class where we collected some of our favorite opening lines. I nabbed some from Shirley's blogs. The assignment was not really structured, so I could reference them. Aside from the personality clashes in class the other problem is the lack of structure in the class. I mean with the assignments. There are really no set rules. I like structure most of the time. I'm weird like that; ok?

Speaking of blogs does anybody know where I can find this old blog John Cena wrote back when he had a myspace like 4 years ago. I have hard copies of some of them, but I'm missing his Easter blog where he talks about his dad and his Forman grill. That his dad would cook a shoe on it if he could.

Is there something wrong with me because I don't like to read? I don't know I think I could be doing something else with my time like watching tv. I'm an idiot aren't I? I just have a hard time with books that keep my interest that aren't manga. I really like pictures. For the record I usually don't mind magazines and sometimes newspapers (depends on section). Funny I mentioned I don't like to read a few blogs ago.

I received my Mister Ed book. I haven't read much; about 12 pages, but I'm enjoying the book. There are a lot of pictures of Mister Ed/Bamboo Harvester. Some of them are really funny/cute.

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