Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Celebrity Appeal

It was funny in my sales class because we had to do a skit to sell something. It reminded me of my old French class. In French class we had to do a skit, and sell something. Luckily for my sales class the teacher brought products. In French class we had to use what we had/was on us. I used a bracelet I happened to be wearing. I remember saying in French "the jewelry like Gwen Stefani wears", or something like that. The bracelet did look like something Gwen would wear. I performed the skit and laughed the whole time like I always would, and people want to know why I'm a Jimmy Fallon fan.

Back to my sales class we had to work in groups, and one of the guys in the group said he didn't want to do the skit because he would be laughing the whole time. Which would have made 2 of us. Then I started thinking about Jimmy Fallon. The skit we did in class wasn't too bad. I didn't laugh through the whole thing, and neither did the other guy.

Speaking of winning contests from a tv station. I won something from a contest too. I won something from UTB digital 18.2. It was kind of funny how I entered it. The commercials ran for it last month back when my old computer broke, and I was in between computers. I think I sent the email on the computer tower we had for like 2 days. I remember the theme for it was "awards shows". Each of the contests have a theme like Mother's Day or Halloween. Usually the prizes don't really interest me. The Halloween contest did, but I forgot to enter. :(

When I came home from school I found a mysterious package. My dad thought I ordered more books for some reason, but I didn't. The rest of my books came yesterday. I thought it might have been a package that my grandma had shipped. The strange thing was it had my name on it. My dad is incredibly nosy and had to know what I received. As I felt the package it felt "boxy". He insisted that I open it in front of him. He was trying to open it until I nabbed it away from him.

I saw the box said "Charlie Lapson", and then I remembered what is was. I opened the box to find a clutch wallet thing. I really wanted the A-frame bag, but the clutch wallet thing is nice too. Really glamorous. It was free, so I can't be picky. Besides the A-frame bag and the wallet clutch thing some of the other prizes were a watch and a luggage tag. There might have been another one, but I'm writing this from memory. I sort of regret not entering the Halloween giveaway last year, but I'm not going to get cynical. :P I shouldn't enter anymore contests held by that tv station just to give other people a chance.

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