Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fake Easter Cakes

This was my Easter booty:

3 Japanese erasers that look like cakes. I got a bar cake, a pink round cake and a yule log.
(They make great doll props. And the yule log reminded me of something I saw on 3 Minute Cooking.)
jelly beans
a turtle candy
gummi bears
a My Melody pen
a Hello Kitty pencil
Teacup Families Twins monkey babies (I go crazy for little flocked animals)
Hello Kitty Mega Blocks blind bags (2)

My dad said I made a good basket. I can make the best baskets for myself. I know what I like. This will be the closest thing to a Saniro basket.

I was sort of disappointed that I didn't get another Hello Kitty in a rain coat. I have one, but the face got all scuffed up after my dad accidentally dropped mine under the heater.

I filled up on my bargain ham.

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