Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Intentions

The Easter Bunny was at the mall. But surprisingly the line to see him wasn't long. It had a nice little Alice in Wonderland theme. I was there looking for stuff to fill my basket with. There were some kids running around, but not many. Maybe because it was a Friday morning/afternoon. *shrugs*

I've been looking for a quality screen cleaner for my electronics. The "quality" one I got from the capsule machine doesn't count. I couldn't find one. Instead I found some colored duck tape. I can use that for stuff. I think I'll make something for my doll first with it. There are a lot of tutorials out there. I was funny because when I was shopping in that store I heard the Toad the Wet Sprocket song "Good Intentions". I love that song! I feel old now that I'm enjoying department store and supermarket music (in English). They play a lot of 90s music now. I'M SO OLD! :O XD X-X @-@

I didn't find much to buy or many job leads. But I also secretly went to the mall to participate in a photo contest. It was hard to be sneaky and take the photos. My new phone is not as stealth as my old one use to be. I still miss it. :(

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