Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Riff Raff Chorus

This weeks episode of Glee brought back bad memories. Well mostly because they sang "Stayin' Alive" at the end. It all stems from a bad school production I was in. It was mandatory.

I was in the "chorus". Which was a code for "dumping ground for all the other students". If you weren't an actor or a dancer that's where you belonged in the dreaded chorus. It was mostly filled with misbehaving students. It took 3 teachers to wrangle us. We were that bad.

Do you know how hard that song is to sing? I will never attempt to sing that song in that style again! Ever! The teachers would get mad at us because we didn't or couldn't sing falsetto. Plus I think who ever transcribed the lyrics transcribed them wrong. We sang "The New York Times, a paper man". The real lyric is "The New York Times' effect on man. "

There were other problems like lack of people to cast and lack of props. But this story is so good it belongs in my comic. It's that absurd!

That whole school production was a giant inaccurate mess. I think the teachers wrote it on whim or something.

You know Brittany's idea about being on Hoarders or Fear Factor sounds like something I would think up. I don't know why Mr. Shue is so focused on everybody having a post high school plan? Things can change when they leave. I know that happened to me. I had big plans and aspirations. I was a lot like Rachel, but without wanting to be performer. But I chased too many Waterfalls and ended up where I am now. Rivers and lakes are best. There might possibly be cream here. No rabbits or Clapton. Or there could not. My dead friend use to believe in me and my writing skills. I know she isn't here anymore. But I wouldn't want her to see me like this. Even though I know she is; just not in an earthly form.

I thought last weeks episode would have had a theme. Since Blane's brother appeared. It would have been "musical siblings". Actually that should be a future episode theme. With the Jacksons, the Stefanis , and a bunch of other musical siblings.

I'm still hoping for a New Jack Swing themed episode. Here are some songs I think could be featured. "I Want Her", "What About Your Friends", and "Poison".

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