Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Survivor Flame

I distinctly remember this happening when I was a junior because I remember thinking about Survivor. That show premiered during the summer 2000.

I had to go to some type of officer meeting. It was during the evening after school. Nobody told me the dress code of the event. I came in there was wearing the same jeans and t-shirt I wore to school. I was embarrassed that the even was semi-formal. I took a seat in the back next to another girl wearing some jeans. Although her top was fancier than mine. It was a ruffley corset type top. Like this. I didn’t want to be noticed. The meeting was for a changing of the officers. There was something about a candle and a flame being passed on or something like that. I can’t really remember. All I really remember about it was that it sort of reminded me of the torches used at tribal council that were used in Survivor. Because like Jeff Probst says fire represents life. I imagined somebody’s flame going out. (Somebody I didn‘t like). I also imagined Jeff Probst putting out somebody’s flame.

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