Sunday, July 18, 2010

"God, Please Spare me more Rejection!"

I was thinking about how some songs retain or become relevant again. I was thinking about this while I was watching the video for "Why Don't You Get a Job?" by The Offspring. That song came out in 1999. It gets a lot of airplay now even though the song is 11 years old. It's better than constantly hearing "The Kids Aren't Alright". I can't stand to listen to that song anymore.

I thought about how much I liked the song "Army" by Ben Folds Five back then. After watching some of those music videos I recorded off the tv circa 1999. I could probably write a lazy memoir (narrative) for each song on the list.

I'm feeling generous, so here is a somewhat lazy memoir. It was a rejected submission. I thought it wasn't fit to turn in. It needed a little editing. The idea came about when the class was trying to brain storm different ways to present a memoir besides the narrative format. Some people also did poetry. Lists were also a popular idea. Personally I liked the idea of a playlist. It didn't need to only be musical. It could be a list of movies, books, or tv shows.

Note: All the songs mentioned are not necessarily from 1998/1999.
Playlist Memoir Freshman Year

New by No Doubt
Sailin’ On by No Doubt (cover)
Special by Garbage
Army by Ben Folds Five
Maria by Blondie
Celebrity Skin by Hole
Pretty Fly for a White Guy by The Offspring
Lucky Denver Mint by Jimmy Eat World
Pressure Drop by the Specials (cover)
You Get What You Give by The New Radicals
Prisoner of Society by The Living End
One Week by Barenaked Ladies
Beautiful Stranger by Madonna
Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer
No Scrubs by TLC
Soap Disco by Kara’s Flowers
Daydream Believer by Shonen Knife (cover)
Radio Listener by Teen Heroes
The Set Up (You Need This) by Reel Big Fish
What’s My Age Again? By Blink-182
Josie by Blink-182
Are You That Somebody? by Aaliyah
Perfect by Smashing Pumpkins
Everybody’s Free (to wear sunscreen) by Baz Luhrmann
Praise You by Fatboy Slim
The Pokémon theme song (English dub season 1)
My Name Is by Eminem
Malibu by Hole
Battle Flag by Lo Fidelity Allstars
Steal My Sunshine by Len
Got the Life by Korn
Freak on a Leash by Korn
Never There by Cake
Playdough by the Aquabats
Heaven Sent by Esthero
Superad by the Aquabats
Road Rash by Mad Caddies
Math by Supernova

Besides the lazy memoir I posted I want to talk about going back to school. I don't know why people don't understand there is no money left. With no funding I can't go anywhere or do anything. That's why I've been looking for work. I was hoping I'd be lucky enough to find something, but with the lack of degree. I've found nothing! Why are people mad at me? I'm not insolent this time. This really is a problem. I'm not lying.


  1. Thanks for sharing the playlist, love the late 90s. 'Ray of light' album is awesome by the way.

    I stumbled upon this track on youtube, sound kind of like Shirley, don't you think???

    Hot Chip - One Pure Thought

  2. No problem about the playlist. I'm not really a big Madonna fan. The other Madonna song I like is "Material Girl" because it makes me think of the 80s Chipettes.

    The Hot Chip song does have a Garbage feel to it.