Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lupin the 3rd series III

I just started watching this yesterday. I heard this is the worst of the 3 television series. They characters look "funny". Lupin looks goofier than usual. Jigen's orange shirt looks tacky. I always thought Jigen was the best dressed of the bunch. I don't understand why Zenigata is wearing a green trench coat. Goemon has a square shaped jaw. Perhaps they were given an updated 80s wardrobe? Pastel jackets are very 1980s.

The strange thing was the closing song it's scenes from Los Angeles. There was a billboard for KMET. How historical! The billboard was right sideup. It said "94.7 Rocks KMET". There are other Los Angeles scenes like a palm tree lined street and the Santa Monica Pier sign. These episodes originally aired in Japan 1984-1985.

I don't know how comprehensive this review will be since the show will be on UTB for the next 10 weeks. There are 50 episodes and they are shown Monday through Friday.

Here is somebody's review of series III. There is a lot of Lupin information on that site.

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