Friday, July 16, 2010

It Has the Word "Trick" Written all Over it

I did get my free day today! ^-^

Too bad the thing I want to use for my Halloween costume has discolored. :( It was something white. Maybe I can try to wash it or alter it in some way. I'm stumped at the moment, but I think I can figure out something. Luckily I started now and not in late September.

I updated my previous entry and added 2 pictures. After making that screen cap. I've had the song "Ladyfingers" stuck in my head all day.

I got to do things I don't really get to do like listen to music aloud. I never get to do that when my dad is home. He needs his "quiet time", but listening to baseball and/or classic rock is for some strange reason. I watched my DVDs. I really don't get to watch those.

My dad had a bad time at the beach because there was nobody there to assist him. He squirted sunblock on himself, and crumbled his energy bar all over himself.

I'm very weary, and that has been getting in the way of me doing things. But with my dad I'm still weary even if it does hurt me. Dinner was a trick. I had to go with him to this place that "happens" to be by his school and I have to "see" it. His reason is that I have to know where his school is in case of an emergency? :/ The funny thing is that he mispronounced the name of the restaurant. He was calling it "Wabo" it's really called "Waba". Perhaps he was mixing it up with the old bank chain Wamu? I don't know. It's a beef bowl type place. My dad the great conversationist asks if people from his school in the school scrubs come to that place. I ordered a beef and chicken teryaki rice bowl. It's ok. I thought the onions on it would be cooked, but they were raw. That was the only bad thing about it. I didn't finish it not because I didn't like it or it was too big. It was too hot outside for me to eat.

He told me he now knows how to print one page out of many. Like page 2 out of 5 pages. He tries to get my mom to study with him. He use to get me to do it until I told him I got a "C" in frosh health science in 9th grade. (Which is true, and I'm embarrassed I'm admitting this.)

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