Friday, July 23, 2010

Pretzel M&Ms

I like pretzels Mr. Salty use to be one of my favorite brands. I also like those pretzels that are filled with peanut butter. I’m not going to write about pretzels too much.

I like pretzels and chocolate. The pretzel segment of the Take 5 bar is my favorite.

I thought that pretzel M&Ms would be just as good as the discontinued crispy variety. Those were my favorite variety of all time. I was very sad when they were discontinued. I heard they taste the same. Sorry to say they don’t. I should stop reading the message board I read that on. It also said that Annie’s Macaroni is better than Kraft. To me it’s not. I love my blue box. This is not a macaroni blog, so I won’t go into more detail comparing the 2.

The pretzel M&Ms are too salty. I know they wouldn’t taste crispy. They don’t taste anything like the old crispy variety. I tried to take a picture of the candy, but it didn't come out. I had to use an image search to find a picture of the candy. They are oddly shaped, and not uniform.
A message to the Mars candy company please get rid of pretzel and bring back crispy.

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