Monday, July 5, 2010

Cat Scratch Fireworks

This blog has nothing to do with the song or the cartoon.

I just wrote that because I was scratched by a cat. It kind of sounds like a brand of fireworks or something. I was going to write about the 4th of July, but I really didn't know what to say. My poor baby cousin got scared by some loud illegal fireworks. :(

I met one of my goals today. I read some of that book from class. I only read a few short stories before dinner. A lot of those stories are long. I didn't want to read a story about food because I was hungry. I'm not sure if anybody else wrote about food besides me. I read about 3-4 short stories; they were less than a page long. Some people printed stories in really large font size like 18. It doesn't make the story look longer.

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