Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Junky Buick

I was inspired by something that happened today to post this blog. I had been teasing this blog since January. I actually wrote about this in my memoir class as a writing exercise, but since I thought it was potential blog material I did not share it with the class. The exercise was to write about a used car. I was sort of upset when I wrote it because I couldn't reference my "Free Day!" blog. Here is an excerpt from the rant blog I wrote about the day they picked up the Buick from my grandma. The blog was titled "Making a Buck off the Dead".

"My dad is going to try make another profit off his dead uncle. When he died he left a car. My grandparents took it. They were not sure what they were going to do with it. At first they were just going to sell it. Then they were going to trade it in because it was a clunker, but they waited too long. By the time they were ready to the program was over.

So my parents went off to get the car from my grandma’s house.

For me that means free day! ^-^ "

Anyway here is the story about the Buick. (it's somewhat edited) That junky Buick my dad coveted. Since it was from his favorite now dead uncle. Actually this can blossom into some good blog material. Dad thinks his uncle left behind a lot of "valuable" things including his car. My grandma was messing around because her and my grandpa wanted to cash it in for Cash for Clunkers, but when the money ran out from that program they let dad have it. I didn't bother going to pick it up. Why should I? I got a free day! (drawings of anime emoticons) Although it didn't take as long as I hoped. Since dad thinks he's always right. (Garbage song reference edited out) He couldn't see that car was a piece of junk from the get go. He got rid of the Grand Am for that?! He should know better. I say "should" and emphasize it. I know that from People's Court getting a car you know nothing about in an impulse buy. He didn't even get it checked out after he got it back home. Just because it was 2 years newer didn't make it better. His uncle obviously didn't take care of the car. The tires were rotten. It leaks fluid. The passenger side door won't open properly. The interior side of the passenger door is coming apart. His uncle left a bunch of renuzits (stick-ons) in the car to make it smell better. I think there is something wrong with the trunk. But he wanted it because it has power everything which by the way doesn't work! The power of stupidity. An old man driving an old car. It's like that Seinfeld joke about tiny old people in huge cars.

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