Thursday, July 15, 2010

I've got Ladyfingers

Catch the title reference? ;P
Here is a bad quality screen cap from the Ladyfingers video.

I didn't get to buy some gloves at the mall. I heard Claire's doesn't sell them anymore. :( Now I'm going to have to find a different accessory store or try a place that sells formals/a bridal shop. I'm preferably looking for a local place with good prices. I've been using a bunch of those directory sites.

I ended up splurging on a retro style Rainbow Brite notebook. There were other cute Rainbow Brite things like pencils, pens, magnets, novelty accessories. Some of the stuff even had Tickled Pink on it.

I might get a free day tomorrow if my dad goes to the beach. I don't like going with him which I've mentioned before. I haven't had a free day since January. I should use that time to work on my Halloween costume.

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