Monday, June 21, 2010

The Urban Juror

I almost stepped on a stillborn cat fetus in the driveway. This won't be the first feline I'd see today. It really grossed me out.

I was almost late there. It was hard to find what I needed in my backpack because there was, so much stuff crammed in there. A lot of people didn't fill out their forms, or know that you had to. As I was going through security I was hoping my gel pens would not be confiscated, and they weren't.

When I see there is internet in the courthouse. I squatted out the computer. I start looking up cat stillbirths. According to what I read it's pretty common, and the mother cat or "queen" immediately knows when her baby comes out if it's dead or not. There was a large sign up that said not to look at porn, phish, gamble, or other bad stuff. I was trying to get on twitter, but it was over capacity at that time. I didn't want to do much. I mean like logon to my accounts, and forget to logoff. The person who used the computer before me forgot to sign out of their hotmail account.

After I surrendered the computer due to being bored, and having to use the bathroom. I started reading Tokyo Mew Mew. I can read through one of those volumes in like 30-45 minutes. By volume 2 I was getting bored and antsy. (not because Tokyo Mew Mew is boring) I was hoping somebody would put the Laker parade on, but it was just a Spanish morning talk show, and then World Cup coverage. Why should I expect there to be something on in English? When it was about 10AM I decided to find some radio coverage like when I listened to the radio coverage of the 2002 Angels parade. The coverage was ok, but a parade is a visual thing. Most of it was just audio clips of the different games and old interviews. I was super bored. World Cup was still on. At about 11 somebody tried to stream the parade off the KABC website, but it wasn't streaming well. Most of the time it was a static image of somebody holding a trophy. I couldn't even make out who the person was.

This tweet was written incorrectly it was suppose to say "WCS is on but I'd rather watch the parade". "WCS" stands for World Cup Soccer.

After I was excused for lunch I really wanted to write outside. I hadn't done it in 2 years. I was going to, but I wanted to find the shopping center that the jury person talked about. As I'm making my way through the park looking around to see what was there and the ducks in the lake. Here is a picture of 2 of them.
Most of them looked like domestic white ducks. Maybe the white ones came from the Barnyard Zoo? There were a few brown ones. After I took the picture of them I was approached by some random lady in the park. She addressed me as "Juror", and asked me if I wanted a kitty. Of course I didn't want it, but how could I have taken a kitty into the courthouse anyway? Stick it in a bag and have it "meow"? The bag would get x-rayed and security would see a cat skeleton in the bag. Then the cat would have to be let out of the bag literally. Or the cat could end up being smuggled into the jury room, and do cat things like scratch furniture and meow loudly. After I thought about it the situation reminded me of Crazy Cat Lady from The Simpsons. At least the cat wasn't hurled at me like the character does with the cats.

After that confusing encounter with the lady offering a kitty. I started looking for the shopping center to see what was there. Then starts another story of me wandering the streets lost. For awhile I was wandering just looking for the place. I saw there wasn't really anything good there. I decided to go to a 99¢ store. There was nothing good in there. I was tempted to buy a plastic canister filled with hair rubber bands, but I realized there was no room in my backpack. There was also junk food and candy for sale there. The only good thing about going to that store was that the parade was on in there. I didn't stay to watch much since I wasn't buying anything. I wandered around some more seeing a myriad of people, and cars decorated with Laker things. I thought I smelled donuts, but it was misleading. Then I happened to walk by this sandwich shop. At first I wasn't going to buy anything. Then I see this positive review of the place in the window. It was for a pastrami sandwich, but those were too expensive, so I decided to get a cheaper sandwich. There was also a menu in the window, and I saw they sell cheese steak sandwiches there. In the description it said that the sandwich traveled 3000 miles to get there. I had to try one. I ordered one with everything on it except mushrooms. It had mayonnaise, steak, cheese, peppers and onions. As I'm waiting for my older my mom calls. I thought she was those Career Advisor people harassing me. I had to tell her about the kitty. When I got my sandwich it was good, but it needed more mayo, and it was a little spicy. I had indigestion all day. I really didn't have much to compare it to, only the Domino's one. As I was enjoying my sandwich I heard a Garbage song on 98.7 . A different Garbage song, "Only Happy When it Rains". Perhaps they received my complaint? After wandering around I made my way back.

While I was at the park I noticed there was a goose. Sorry no pictures of the goose. It had to be a goose. It was white, larger than the ducks and making a honking noise. It looked like this.
The white ducks reminded me of Scrooge and Darkwing. There were also these other birds that weren't ducks or geese. They were brown and had a pointy beak, but they were about the size of a duck, and they made a strange sound. Good thing there weren't swans there. They can be vicious. I watch enough AVF to know that. I really wanted to write outside even if it was just for a little bit. I thought I'd better get back to the jury room. Before that I went to the bathroom, and I found this funny poem. Feathers die? And who is Vince? The ShamWow! guy? Mr. McMahon? Bad bathroom poetry makes me chuckle. Do guys do this?

After I got back into the jury room I was wandering around without my belt on. I was just holding it. I eventually put it on in the bathroom. More than half of the group was called to be on a case. There were probably about 10 people there including me. Somebody changed the tv to an English station, KCAL. I caught some parade highlights on the news. Then there was a high speed chase being covered, so a lot of people were watching and discussing. I was online looking for stuff on ebay, looking for the best cheese steak in LA, and Tweeting. That is one of my new quests.

The last time I was put on a jury for a flashing case. This time I wasn't used and had to stay until about 3PM. There are some entries about the last time I had to go in the archives. After I was released I wrote outside for a while and watched the ducks. I hadn't written outside in a while. I haven't done it in about 2 years, back when my mom was taking care of my baby cousin. I should really write outside more often.

Now I'm ready to crack the book from my memoir class. I can read it all summer. LOL! @o@

Oh yeah and happy solstice for those who observe it.

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