Wednesday, June 2, 2010

3 Days and Conuting

My days as a student are coming to a close as of posting I only have 3 days left. I'm not including the class I went to today since that is already over.

The bus driver was in a hurry or something. He kept almost leaving people behind at the stops, and acting like he could do what he wanted. It sucks riding the bus. I am at the mercy of the driver. >:(

I forgot to post this yesterday, but I have a great idea for a title for something: "Pictures of me with Incredibly Bad Hair".

I also forgot that if you want to I can post some excerpts from some of the really purple stories I wrote.

I realized that I might not be able to sell my books back since I bought most of them online.

Here is something funny I saw on the bus. The guy sitting in front of me was reading wrestling news on his phone. I could see it because I don't know if he had bad vision or what, but he was holding the phone really close to his face.

Maybe I should write a public joke will. Like the kind people write in high school yearbooks and stuff. Something like "To my boyfriend Timmy, Lovez ya! Hope to see you in college."

Maybe I should do something expensive. I wonder how much it costs to dress up Super Saver?(the race horse)

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