Friday, June 4, 2010

Reflections on Reflections

I'm sick of reflecting and evaluating! This is the 3rd time I've had to write something like that for the same class. I have nothing left to say. I do, but it's kind of mean. It's not something I'd want the teacher to read. It's not a slam book or anything like that. I figured that if I looked at what I had written about the other people in class in my blog and on paper. Maybe I can piece something together. It's due on Thurs.
When I was thinking about the assignment. This funny Engrish poem came to mind. Did I post this before?

I forgot to mention that the people in class want to bring presents. In case anybody from class is reading this. Look through my blog to see what I like. What would I get somebody else? :/

Later I find out that we are supposed to share something but I'm not sure what. The instructions were vague. I think it can be something we didn't write. Perhaps I should write a joke will? Like I mentioned before. What about song lyrics? Maybe I'll just write a few things like 3, and bring all of those to class and decide which one I want to use on that day. I'm not reciting the lyrics to "Under Construction" by No Doubt I already did that before in a different class.

John Wooden died today. I thought he was 94; he was 99. That is really old. I think he was in my dead pool.

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