Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Don't ask for Glass Shoes

Today is Usagi Tsukino' s birthday! I hope she doesn't want glass shoes again.
Don't cry I'm not making fun of you.

Next month is Doremi/Dorie's birthday on July 30th. Here is a picture of her for reference.I'm going to talk about some entrainment related things.

Saw Craig Killborn's show. It seems like a half hour version of his tenure hosting the Late Late show. Even the theme song sounds similar.

The funny thing is that Seacrest's name is being thrown around as Larry King's replacement. I guess he could do well. I don't know. Well anybody who regularly reads this blog knows I have a beef with Seacrest.

I realized that I haven't written about Downfall. It sort of reminds me of that segment of Letterman's show when he throws stuff off the roof. He usually throws things like fruit, super balls, and beverages. The questions on that show seem kind of easy. The contestants just have to list stuff. There are categories. Millionaire or Jeopardy this is not. (although I've heard a rumor that those 2 shows have been dumbed down to make viewers feel smarter.) The stuff falling off doesn't do much for me. Jericho is a good host though.

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