Saturday, May 8, 2010

Stick it to Me

So I was out at the local dollar store and they had these old style stickers. I had to buy a sheet. Although back in the 80s the sheets of stickers were larger. But they are exactly the same designs/pictures. Back in the 80s I use to get my stickers at a Sanrio store named Casper. It was in San Gabriel, but I'm pretty sure it's not there anymore. I got my first backpack there too. I miss when the different Sanrio stores had unique names like the one in Montebello was named Pinocchio. There was another store named Rainbow Gate, but as a kid I would call it Rainbow Bridge. I would go to the mall and ask where the Rainbow Bridge store was, and get some strange looks. Rainbow Bridge is the name of a Jimi Hendrix film.
I know I have some other ones I bought back in the 90s that I put in an album. If I find those I'll scan them too.
There were also these Sailor Moon stickers for sale. I had to buy them because they were Sailor Moon and even if one sticker was missing. It had to be of Moon.
Here are some other throwback stickers I got at the Target a few months ago. Mello Smello. I had some root beer ones, cherry ice cream ones, fudge sundae ones and lifesavers ones. I also have a knockoff one I got in 3rd grade that has a picture of Garfield standing next to a pizza slice that was pizza scented. It smelled really spicy. If I find the Garfield one I'll scan it too.

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