Monday, May 3, 2010

Ok is Better than Horrible

My day just started off crappy. First I woke up late, I can't get academic renewal at my old college (more on that later in the blog), I was having a bad hair day, and I forgot the folder for my sales class.

About academic renewal; so I call up the college I use to go to and they tell me before I can do anything there I need my old student ID number. Why would I know that!? And have it on hand!? When I ask the school over the phone they say they can't give it to me because if somebody did get the number and knew my birthday they could register as me online for classes. Its things like this that made me leave the school. I would think they would have a more secure system or something.

My hair faded to a strange brassy orangey color. It needs a re-dye. I haven't dyed it since around Valentine's Day. It could use a cut too. Maybe I should get those frosted platinum highlights that make it look like you've gone gray.

When I get to class I'm the only one there besides the teacher for about 15 minutes. I hope she doesn't think I'm some type of suck up or super student. I just get there early because of the bus. She told me that I should not tell people I'm "Ok" when people ask how I am. So I replied "It's better than saying 'horrible'.". It reminds me of something my old high school principal told me once. She wanted to know why I wasn't smiling in the morning before school. Maybe because I was forced to be there? I'm not really forced to be at school now.

My teacher disproved my "college rule" that if less than 5 people show up to class late in the year that it's canceled. She also said the 10 minute rule doesn't apply. Strange... Eventually more people showed up to class so it wasn't just a one on one teaching session of me and her.

I did something crazy today. I bought a lottery ticket. I usually don't like to gamble. Not for moral reasons or anything like that. The numbers just don't add up. I know I'm not very good at math, but that is something I can crunch the numbers on. I am more likely to lose than win.

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