Tuesday, May 11, 2010

They Swing like Pendulums

I had this really strange dream about Shirley and pandas. :/

So I have a project for my sales class, and my mom was wondering why I didn't mention it until today. It's only because I didn't want my dad grossly misinterpreting the assignment. I'm hoping he'll be more preoccupied with his own school work, but I never know.

When I get to school and I'm crossing the street with other bus riders I don't know if they weren't paying attention or what. They almost crossed in front of a fire truck with the sirens blaring. Whoa! We need some type of safety patrol here or something! Where are Slim Goodbody or McGruff when you need them? It reminds me of something that happened at my old school when they were doing construction. People would go through the site. They would ignore the barriers and tape. Stupid!

When I get to my building I see some kids with a tall dinosaur pinata. It had to be at least 3 feet tall, and Rock Band instruments. I wonder what they were going to do with those? I had to break my "no tweeting" rule since I thought it was such a strange and funny sight. I just didn't want to waste my battery.

Today I don't know what was with me, but I was feelin' really prolific. :P

I find out that the due date for my story has been moved up, and it's due next Tuesday. I'm upset because I thought I had time to work on another story. I'm trying not to, but still over thinking about how "childish" my writing seems. Then I thought if I overwork the story it will be bad. I just said "Fuck that!" I'm satisfied with what I turning in, and if other people aren't that's their problem. I put all my heart into that story; worked hard on it. This is no half assed thing. [mark] I was thinking about this tweet I read from John Cena yesterday.
"Well, live by the sword, die by the sword. I just don't want anyone took look back at any moment and say I didn't give my all." [/mark]

Speaking of Cena in my current writing class we have to do some assignment with a picture we choose ourselves. I think it might be similar to an assignment I had to do in my old writing class. I chose that sneaky picture I took of Cena back in 2005. I had to write a poem about the picture. It was really crappy poem. My former creative writing teacher was too focused on poetry.

People in class were changing seats, so I sat in my usual area, and decided that since I was sitting next to different people I was going to be on my best behavior. I hoped they didn't notice I was taking notes on them. I had to do it on the sly. I get a wealth of material from my blog in that class.

I was also thinking about if I worked for Conan, and I drew this silly doodle.
The popular guy usually sets the tone for the class session. It was strange not having him share a story. He is usually the first one to jump at the chance, and I'll graciously surrender.

Somebody mentioned the Smothers Brothers in class and I feel old cause I know who they are. It made me think about yoyos.

Somebody was talking about this book that was written by that other guest who was at the Ferguson taping. The guest who replaced Wayne Newton. That is the only reason I'm familiar with the book's topic. But I was too busy thinking about Shirley. All I can think about is Shirley talking about pendulous breasts. So I'm sitting in class giggling and smiling to myself like an idiot!

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