Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's Times Like These

So I stayed up late to do my work.

When I turn it into class the teacher says it's partially wrong. I wasn't sure how detailed how to be on the assignment.

I have no idea which kind of shoes to wear. Maybe I'll wear my Docs. They look fancy. Plus I'll be wearing pants that will cover most of the shoe. Too bad I don't have a yellow short sleeve button up shirt to wear. (Dwight style) She said my tie was too wacky.

The funny thing is that the teacher didn't really talk about MLMs (multi-level marketing) I think that should really be talked about in a sales class. I'm not the teacher and it's not my class. The good thing is that she said that MLM is hard because one the pool of clients dries up it can be unethical. It's really sad a lot of people in the class get mixed up with that kind of stuff, and think it's sales. I was going to use the trite phrase (In These Economic Times ...) about people getting involved in MLM. But I'll say this instead it's times like these that can persuade people into getting into MLM. And you give and give again. I just had to say that. ;)

The teacher told us that in the business world things should not be turned in late. I told her I would email her the assignment as soon as possible.

When I get home I have to email the edited assignment to the teacher. My mom wanted to know why I was so quiet. I wanted to work on it because there is only one computer in the house, and I have to fight with my dad to use it now that he goes to school too. You know fighting for the computer is one thing I won't miss when I stop going to school.

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