Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Never is a Promise

So the 3rd person has died Paul Gray from Slipknot. I don't really know much about that band besides that they wear jumpsuits, have numbers and wear masks. The only song I know by them is "Wait and Bleed".

The spirit of impudence has overcome me again.

In class I didn't want to get the shit bored out of me. I didn't want to have to take reduced notes. I get so much material in there. That boring couple ended up sitting next to me well the guy. They are equally boring. I don't discriminate. I didn't want to get trapped into another boring conversation. I was just rocking out to some music before class. I haven't done that in awhile. I use to do it in Rock n Roll history, but that doesn't count since it was a music class. The last time I really rocked out in class was probably around 2003 or 2004. I was still a college noob back then.

After I thought about it I can't wait to read what other people wrote and contribute to the class book.

The boring couple is leaving. They were collecting email addresses. I gave me junk one. >;) >;P (as of posting I have not gotten a message from them) I just want to say for the record that I use a different address on facebook so they can't look me up with that address.

A lot of people are sad that they are leaving. Especially the older students. I wasn't I feel relived. No more boring conversations. Even in the bathroom. The lady would trap me into a boring conversation in the bathroom. I had to stop using the bathroom in that building to avoid them. Now I can pee freely. J/K LOL ;P

Teacher wants everybody to come back. I can't do that unless I immediately fall ass backwards into money or something. She wants us to promise that we will, but I can't afford to lie.

You know what I'm thinking about writing a blog entry about Glee.

Edit: I forgot to mention how my book report went, so nobody was into singing the theme song. I thought they would have been all over that. I ended up singing it by myself... -_-
Last week I was contemplating about buying a little plastic horse at the dollar store cause it looked like Mister Ed, and to use it for a visual aide. I think and hope it went well. It was a more causal setting than my sales presentation. I thought the most important part was that I liked the book.

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