Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Candy is Dandy

I've been mentioning all week about trying to stir up promotion for something. Well it was that book it read; The Los Angeles Diaries. Anyway since the publishing house closed down Mr. Brown has enlisted the class in helping to promote his book.

The consensus among my class was to somehow get the book into Oprah’s hands. Personally I think it’s a bad idea to do that. Can you imagine how many things are sent to Oprah to get her to approve them? What if we just wear sweater capes and listen to calypso music instead? Using a talk show as a vehicle is not a bad idea. Have him be a guest on a show. Doesn’t matter which show day time, late night, local or national whatever. Just to get his name out there.

I think it was last Tuesday or maybe Wednesday when I started to think about the song "Cherry Lips". It made me think about how the song is based off a book. Later that day I started researching songs that are based off/inspired by books. There are quite a few of them, and I only found the well known ones.

It was just something I was kicking around in my head that week. It made me think about that lame public relations class I took like 6 years ago? I remembered how the teacher or other people would bring in people (clients) for the class to work with. The majority of the time we worked with personal trainers.

The reason I didn’t tell the memoir class my idea was because I thought it was too silly. At least I didn’t say something like “Where fitness is an obsession” or something like that. Wait I’m working on promoting an author. That won’t work for him. Maybe he’s a personal trainer too. No, wait don’t answer that.

I ended up contacting Mr. Brown and telling him about my song idea. He liked it, but there was really nothing we could do about it now. I never told my class this because the song idea never really got used. I'd write a song about the book if I was musically inclined.

Here was my other idea I was going to try and sell the book to my sales class for my project. The assignment is for each person to sell something to the class. It has to be a real product though. It's a good thing I don't have to sell fake cola or some pants I altered. That's really hard. Anyway the teacher said it's really hard to sell something like a book. Not that I'm lazy (ok maybe a little), but I'm a novice sales person, so it would be easier to sell something else. Other things I wanted to sell that would be too hard were movies, bands, and celebrities. The teacher said they were too hard, and wacky. Yesterday I went to the dollar store to look at some things I could sell. I thought candy was good and cheap. I made this huge list of different types of candy. The teacher said that I was really into candy. Candy is like my drug. We had to get the item approved by the teacher anyway. It had to be school appropriate. She said people in her former classes tried to sell things like alcohol and weapons. Which are not allowed on campus.

I made a list for myself not look like a good student or anything. It just helped me get my ideas out. I wanted to see which things were a good idea to sell and a bad idea. When I'm not prepared and don't make a list I end up signing myself up for a bad thing to present. Trust me I know from experience. I've done that twice already.

We have to dress like a salesperson. I don't dress uh...well. Maybe I'll ask the teacher for guidelines about that. I wouldn't want to wear anything too outrageous or distracting.

I did not score a -11 on my test. I ended up missing 3, but the extra credit made it a perfect score. I just guessed on some of the answers. The questions are true/false. I have 50/50 chance of getting it right. When the teacher said I got a high score I thought the test belonged to the other girl in the class with the same first name. I think I gave the teacher a confused look.

I'm still going to try and promote the book. I'll just have to think of other ways.

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