Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rock me Falco!

You know what is a horrible chore? Cleaning out the garage! I can never find what I was looking for in there in the first place. Especially since my dad secretly stashed all the "valuable" stuff his dead uncle left behind. You know he thought his uncle's cable boxes were converter boxes! XD LMAFO!!!!!!!! They have the name of a cable company on them. STUPID! But that gave me an idea. Since I know my dad will probably outlive me. I want to leave all my "valuable" electronics to him. Now I know posting something in a blog is not a legally binding will, but I think that will be a good idea. What should I care? I'd be dead anyway!

Aside from my dad's secret storage. We found some old 45s. They belonged to somebody else. There were some 80s mixed in there and my mom knew who Falco is! Ok actually I told her about him a few years ago. This was back when Ralph on the Kevin and Bean show was doing that Falco bit.

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