Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Was this Written by a Child?

I wore my hair in Shirley braids to school. I always end up having one braid noticeably longer than the other. The shorter braid was unraveling on me. It looked silly because one braid had one rubber band on the bottom and the other one had three on it.

I have to say one thing about that popular guy in class he is very in tune to the current pop culture. He knows what's going on.

It was peer evaluation day in class. The only thing I was concerned about was not getting stuck in a "crappy" group; where everybody is unprepared. I've been in groups with mostly young people.

Here is a strange comment I got on my writing that it was like the style of a child. I've never really gotten a comment like that before. How I write is just how I write. Does that mean it's bad? Maybe I can use my writing style to my advantage in some way? Maybe my writing has that certain "je ne sais quoi"? I should stop over thinking this. But it did make me think about this old blog I wrote.

After I thought about it maybe I'm not suppose to be in college. Maybe some great fortune will present itself to me. I'm convinced my chopstick will turn out to be a beautiful design. (That's from the morning J-drama I watch)

Too bad my ticket was a loser :( I wanted to win a measurable amount of money and get away from my father. Doesn't matter I probably won't be playing in a while.

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