Thursday, November 11, 2010

KCET Forecast

The proposed programming for KCET once it goes independent looks bad. A few of those programs can be seen on UTB. When they show their NHK feed. Maybe they'll show Sense of Japan and Nihongo Quick Lesson at a decent time. Maybe they will show some anime or Japanese programs UTB and FCI don't show.

Maybe they'll show this movie I saw on the station many years ago about a boy who helps a whale get to heaven. It was a foreign film.

I don't want to be bombarded with constant Huell Howser programming. It gives my dad ideas about where he wants to go. He has become too influenced by the tv. I still wonder what they will show for children's programming? I guess they can still show Big Green Rabbit. America's Test Kitchen. for cooking programming.

Besides me complaining about KCET proposed schedule. I tried to get a phone soliciting job today like I predicted they wanted experience as usual. How hard is it to sell pest control over the phone?

It was so funny in The Office when Phyllis asked Kelly which character in Glee is named Glee. It sounds like something one of my parents would say. Like when my dad would pester me during The OC and constantly ask who every character was.

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