Thursday, November 25, 2010

No Pies for Me

The parade wasn't as good as the one from last year. I still enjoy the pikachu balloon and the Smurf balloon and float. The float has a mushroom house on it. Can you believe pikachu has been in the parade for 10 years? It's been in the parade since 2001. I remember I wrote about the parade for English class that year in high school. I think we had to write a Thanksgiving essay.

Was it me of was Jimmy Fallon's lip syncing a little "off"? It wasn't as bad as those Barbie Princess and the Pauper actors one year.

Now since Nickelodeon and Rainbow (the company that produces Winx Club) teamed up I'm hoping I will see an "appearance" by them next year. It will probably just be some girls in wigs or something. It would be fun just to see them.

I tried to start a new tradition of wagering on the dog show, but my family would have nothing of it. I broke it down like this the person could wager on either the group or an individual breed. The thing that upset me is that for the past 2 years the toy group has been the last one up.

I ended up over eating this year. I mostly ate meat and cornbread.

I didn't eat pie this year. I don't like pie crust and I usually discard the crust anyway. I requested pumpkin custard instead. It's like pumpkin pie, but there is no crust.

You know what bothers me it's when they show tv commercials for Black Friday deals at 1AM on black Friday wouldn't it be too late to get there? I would like to hit the Mega-mart 12 minute sale. That $39 ipad is a great deal!

It's been the 1st time since I've stopped watching Letterman on Thanksgiving. The writers strike doesn't count.

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