Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shallot Pizza

I ate a shallot that thing had a lot of bite. Maybe I should have sauteed it. My cooking knowledge is limited. I baked it on a pizza raw. Should I have cooked it before putting it on the pizza? It had a lot of bite to it. I thought shallots were mild.

My mom put some in her steoop. This is not a misspelled word. Her stews are thin like soup. I think they are a combination of both. Anyway the one she cooked wasn't so harsh.

This is not a blog entry about Glee, but i just want to say a few things about the most recient episode. I loved Sue tracksuit dress I totally want one of those! I'd get a few to wear to formal events. Ins't marrying your self been done a few times before? Didn't Rodman do that back in the 90s?

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